About Me

29 09 2009

It is always better to be late than never!!

Here I am into this new world, The idea about this blog is to write about me, myself, parents and friends! Thanks to my “online brother” who helped me open this blog and given me this name too. Thank God for not making my life difficult by leaving “roastedchicken” as a url.

I am a person of not very high dreams. Just had one dream ever since, that I should own a house and my parents should live in that 🙂

My favorite pastimes are ragging friends, working “unnecessarily”, sending sms, orkutting and of course who doesn’t love listening to music? Oh yes, I hate exercise because I am a very lazy person.

Working in a contact center / bpo and “so far so good”

I am a crazy fan of Harry Potter and wondering when would J.K. write another sequel

Well, that’s about me, nothing much let’s just go on and if you follow this blog you might know a little about me 🙂

PS:  Do not count the grammatical errors and errors in sentence structures, for you would be counting on and on as I am no good in English 😀