Mischief Managed

17 04 2010

Whatever I have done in my school days, are not forgettable!!  It’s not one or two things that I have done and probably not unique either.

How many tuition classes were bunked, how many home works were missed out and the best of all how many times the report card was returned to the teacher either signed by myself or returned without any signature with an excuse that “father is out of station” 😀

It was in fourth standard I remember when my class teacher was on leave and it was supposed to be an SUPW  class, needle work class is what we used to call.  Everyone in the class were busy playing some sort of games and on my bench we were three girls sitting  in a row.

This was the game (which was basically idiotic :P) one girl will stand and before she sits we have to place any item and she needs to identify before she sits and we have to remove that item before she’s back in place.

When it was my turn, well, I simply placed needle and never removed it 😀  next scene: I was called to headmistress office, my parents were called to school and I was “under observation” until the other girl was fit and healthy lol.


I got 18 Marks out of 20 in Moral Science in my 2nd Standard.  I was totally astonished at those marks!  Did I really score them?  For everyone else, “what’s big deal A.V.S? It’s just Moral Science.”  But they don’t know what exactly happened on the exam day!

I was very late in giving the paper and teacher did not accept my paper, so I went out of school with the paper I had written.  Upon checking my bag my brother asked me to hand over the paper to teacher and then come back.  I went back to school but didn’t know how to hand over, so I kept the paper in the dust bin and conveniently came back! Moral Science you see!! 😛

Amazingly I got 18 out of 20 :O


Whatever, mischief we do, whatever life we go through in our child hood, as most people say “it would shape your future”, I don’t believe in that!

I am a firm believer in “Destiny”.  If it has to happen, it will happen!  There were many incidents where in I didn’t even try to give a try but the offer was mine.  There were many incidents even after numerous attempts I just failed to succeed.

Yes, many people may disagree at this point but that is how I see life.  I received one sms and I love one sentence in it “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”.