Dream Home

11 10 2010

Until I have joined a standard company I never had any goals or ambitions that I want to do this, or I want to complete this etc.

When I received my offer letter in the present company, I was so happy that I thought, “Finally, I need not rely on someone for my daily expenses”.  However, years passed and my income raised too, but still I was not interested in any investments.

My First savings (should I call it savings?) was when I started paying LIC Money plus policy just to avoid Income Tax deduction.  Very soon I realized that I am such a spend thrift that I can’t save a penny for myself.  Most of my money was used for Friends, Charity, Weekend pass times, Temples and my only shopping habit (or I can call myself a freak in this matter) was collection of CDs and DVDs.  Half of my rack is a huge collection of CDs and DVDs.

Couple of years back I sat with my dad and told him that if he could transfer his land to me I can take loan on that and we can construct a house.  I clearly told him that it was the only way for me to “save” money as keeping aside some amount on a monthly basis is a big fiasco for my nature.

Process started and within 6 months I was approved loan, construction started and from the very same month my loan installment started getting deducted.  It wasn’t a very easy task; there were so many things to take care before starting off the actual construction.  Thanks to my dad!! He never worked so hard in his whole life running around the offices for every single document.  He always had his “students” handy whenever he was in need while he was working.  After retirement, he personally had to do all his work.  At times he was in such a frustration that he used to say “this is your house, why don’t you go and do all this!” 😀

Well, my loan was not sufficient to complete the house, so we had to take another loan on my dad’s name and here we are, finally shifted to the new house and started the life from the scratch!!

Having spent 34 years of life in the same area, and moving to an entirely different area is a very big task for me!  I am yet to get adjusted here.  Don’t know how long would that take.  Sometimes, I am starting to feel, if I am unable to adjust from one area to another in the same city, how about those people who actually moved to a different city or different country for a living!?!

On September 2nd, we shifted to this place.  Though it’s not completely my effort all through, it still makes me happy that I indeed was able to initiate it. And by God’s grace got it completed too. 🙂

Two points I want to say:

1.  I never thought I could earn so much that I can get a loan to construct a house ever, so never had a dream of constructing one!!

2. One should really know how to save money.  It’s not necessary to be a miser really, but it is necessary to be careful while we spend.

Thanks to my Parents, God, Friends and Well-wishers!! 🙂