30 12 2010

Another dawn, another day, another year, another decade!  Life is just moving on with ups and downs .. I have learnt so many things in my life.. I have seen unforgettable incidents .. and I have been through situations which were totally unexpected! 🙂

I haven’t made any resolution not even one since these many years.. I have just learnt as days passed by..

Some instances, which really made me think twice about life I came across, would like to share this with you all while I continue to learn things in my life !

  • While I was expecting an acknowledgement from the dear one I adore, I came to know that they are in the same situation waiting for other’s response, i.e., priority differs no matter how much you like, so I have learnt minimum and/or nil expectations will always make me feel happy when I actually get it! 🙂


  • I was on my way from Tirupaty to Hyderabad and I was lost in my thoughts because I was thinking about a decent job with much better pay!  I came across a situation where everyone of us might have come across at least once in our life.  But I still don’t know why I can never forget this.  There was this person (I can only think is a beggar by his attire) somewhere around 28 years was so hungry I believe was having food in between the heavy rush on the platform instead of sitting aside and having.   While I watched him I just thought why can’t he sit in a corner.  The train moved and I saw him getting up and he has no left hand and a left leg! I cannot exactly explain how it touched me, but it was like splashing water on my face! It’s hard for me to complain about my pay now because life can be worst at it’s best!


  • I have realized the value of love and smile!! I did! This is one life which has the ability to *smile*.  I spread it often coz I know it’s contagious 🙂 The value of love can only be known when it is shown!  Be it parents, God, Friends, Colleagues or anyone I might know or don’t know, though at times I get carried away with my mood swings but most of the times I try and understand their situation rather than mine.  Who doesn’t want to be loved?  I do!  When I know I can share why should I care to hide? I love the nature, love my bike, love the moon and the sun, and yes most importantly I love myself and him 🙂 One need not show their love and care separately for whom they do not know.  But definitely if the care and love is shown to the one whom you are interacting with that it self is fine coz as I said when one receives love they are happy and when one is happy they smile and when they pass on the smile it can travel miles 🙂


  • Being materialistic is necessary.  If one is not calculative in the journey of life things might go out of control.  However, that does not hold the top most position in life!  There are other things which money can’t buy and which everyone knows.  I have lost 15000 rupees this year which is almost a month’s salary for me.  It was huge for me! It was a back up!  I realized at 2.30am that I forgot my purse in the cafeteria.  That 15000 was something I had to pay to the banks the next day for my loans.  I called up my Dad and informed him what I have done and couldn’t stop crying.  Ohh did I tell you that in my family my dad is the only one who actually goes by calculations?  But that night when I called him instead of scolding me for being reckless he just said “let it go, tell me if you need money to pay your loans I will give you tomorrow”.  He was not harsh and he didn’t bother about money that much at that time. I didn’t had the necessity to take his help coz as I said it was a back up!  But that night his words made me realize that one proper reaction of us can make the other person feel relieved and elated.  Had it been the other way round, calling him at that point of time and informing him would only made me feel worse!

The reason I have shared some points are, often we do not realize the gift of being “human”, we cry for what is out of reach, and ignore the one which is in front of us.  If we can just change the view and think in a different aspect, life can be really beautiful though unpredictable!

Another dawn, another day, another year, another decade!  Life will still move on .. and I am ready to embrace it and do the best I can while I continue with my journey 🙂

Happy New Year Friends !! Keep Smiling!!