Am Alive! :D

9 01 2011

😀 😀 😀

Call it luck, Call it God’s grace.. but I could have been “late latha” today lolzz.. As usual I was on the way going to work.. On the NH-5 when I am driving in sixties my bike suddenly stops!!

Firstly, there was a bus 10 feet away and the driver managed to stop the bus at least just before me (full speed it was) and there were no lorries near by.  Else, I would have been dragged at least 10 feet away beneath those wheels 😀 😀  Secondly, it was Sunday, so there was moderate traffic instead of the usual heavy traffic.

Yep! Nothing happened so I am sitting here at my home and happily blogging!  Though I somehow managed not to fell off from my bike, but I didn’t really know what to do as I was in the middle of the road and the back wheel was completely stuck!  It just does not rotate 😦

There came the young man 🙂 don’t know who he was.  But he just helped me pushing the bike out of the highway on to the pavement and to the service lane.  I did thank him for all his help but didn’t know to thank more!

This post is purely to thank that guy 🙂 Feels really good to know that there are indeed few good men out there 🙂

If you are wondering what happened to my bike, well, I too don’t know 😦 I called my dear Dad and handed over the bike to him and continued with my office journey.  I just came to know that even the show room servicing guy couldn’t do much so he took the bike to the show room with the help of an auto-rickshaw 😦

I have to wait until tomorrow evening to know exactly the reason and I hope the repair does not repeat hhehehe.. coz luck does not favor everytime!! 😀 😀