It’s been a while

20 08 2011

That I have posted anything new… Life is at it’s own will (as always) 😛

In the last three months I have learned…

to understand that there’s no point panicking over things that ought to happen!!

how important it is to remember what I have done and how important it is to portray the same every now and then regardless of requirement!

No matter how much I try, it happens only when it has to happen! That doesn’t mean I will stop trying 😉 😛

Leaving aside the learning if you question am I gonna implement it.. Well, I am still not ready to answer 🙂

It’s always easy to edit an essay, which is already written.. but difficult to start something afresh.. The truth is it’s just difficult .. Not impossible!

No big aims nor worries at the moment.. Just need to be ready for whatever am gonna face!

It’s Okay

20 08 2011

Waiting in a nice restaurant, looking at the watch, sipping the coffee, waiting for our friend/love/colleague to come and “expecting” them to be on time….

Given all the hard work, Did the best that can be done, now awaiting the result.. “expecting” the positive…..

Waiting for the clock to tick 12 midnight on our birthday and “expecting” our mobile to ring / buzz with warm wishes from the very one we so wish for……

Nice little word this “expectation” is.. 🙂 Oh yeah.. leads to another little word “disappointment” many a times!!

And whenever we are disappointed, there stands a saint like friend/parent/guardian advising you.. “my dear, do not expect, for it would lead you only to disappointment”

Are expectations always disappointments?? Honest answer “NO”

Then why do many of us come to a conclusion that we shouldn’t be expecting? 

Expectations should be there in life!! Obviously, if there are no expectations how can we achieve?? We qualify to preach as saint, don’t we?? 

The only thing to remember is .. It’s Okay if it didn’t happen, there is always next time!! 

It’s okay if our friend did not wish on the time we have expected, he/she wished us anyways!

It’s okay if we didn’t get what we want in life, we can still try anyways!

It’s okay if the girl/boy we proposed to just rejected, we have better options anyways! 😉

It’s okay if we did not receive help just when we needed, circumstance has passed through anyways!

It’s okay if we are encountering too many failures at the moment, life is a lesson anyways!

Disappointment is needed for a better homework! 

We have to realize that It’s Okay if that did not happened what has been expected, because it’s just an incident.  We have whole life in front of us anyways!!! 🙂 🙂