Living Amidst Hypothesis

15 10 2011

Philosophy is a strange subject which everyone is aware and no one would like to listen; however, most of us say it!  Here I come with my own thoughts once again with every moment of my life that gives me the learning of philosophy in every step.

When I was born I don’t remember carrying an attitude of being nice, rude, pleasant etc., but if I now turn to look back and see I had all these and more in every stage of this so called life!

How is one person defined as good, bad, egoistic and so on?  While I understand it’s easy to define evil how is it possible to define ones good and bad attitude?  Things which seem nicer to us are good and things which are not so nice and/or hurt us are bad.  When the point of view changes from one person to another, I don’t believe that I can define good and bad so easily!  It’s all situations demand.

No one would come on this Earth with a tag that reads “I am a good guy”, “I am a short tempered guy”, “I am a career oriented guy” and so on.  As life goes on you could see people tagging you with these things.  Amazingly one will have all the tags from different set of people.  Many of us say that I define myself and live accordingly.  Whether one agrees or disagrees that’s not entirely true!  In everyone’s life there is a little bit of compromise, little bit of sharing, little bit of trust (huge in fact) and expectation.

Life is good! Life is actually always at its best!  Life is a complaint only because of two things!! 1. Expectation. 2. Disappointment.