22 11 2011

“Why are you so obsessed with sms?”  This question has been posed to me recently by my dear brother; however, this is not the first time I have faced this question.  Many of my friends have asked this before and some even scolded me for communicating important and urgent messages through sms rather than call.

Come to think of it ever since I have started using a mobile (i.e., since 1999) I was always and continued to use sms as main mode of communication.  Somehow, I feel comfortable chatting over sms and exchanging the ideas over sms rather than conversation on phone.  There are two reasons for this:

Firstly:  I need not ask them to repeat what they have said.

Secondly: There is a lot of privacy when you chat over sms rather than phone “no disturbance funda”.

I agree to the fact that this is a totally debatable topic!  I did try phone conversation instead of sms chat; it did not work.  When it comes to professional I am all fine communicating aptly and what is required to the point avoiding sms.  However, when it comes to personal life, I always find myself muted.  Others have to “knock” on my mobile to check if I am still holding the line 😛

I don’t think anyone was ever depressed as I was, when the TRAI imposed the limitation on sms LOL.  Thanks to them they have raised the limit to 200 sms per day.

By now all my close friends are well aware that I respond more promptly to sms rather than a phone call.  There have been times where I was totally free but I just let the phone ring instead of answering :P.

I also do not deny the fact sometimes it brings a lot of disturbance and misunderstanding by just missing a smiley at the end of the sms 😉

May be it’s just not the sms mode I prefer to communicate.  I love communicating mainly through emails, mails, and chat conversations.  I am not a techy geek; however, I prefer the “smart phones” just because of their internal memory capacity to store the messages 😀 😀

I am really not sure how many of you are just like me.   I am still a big fan of written communication!! 😀 😀