23 12 2011

A help which turns out to be a fiasco!

Disapproval from the loved ones who is always taken for granted!

Mistrust / Misunderstanding!

A bad dream!

Bad news of self or others!

Failure at it’s best!


A long drive / ride with Friends!

A gift to the loved ones and the shocking surprise on their face with a very happy smile!

Cards game with Mom and Dad!

A difficult problem, which is finally resolved!

A long awaited response from an adorable friend!

Crying out aloud and letting out the emotions for once and feeling better!!


In the middle of traffic, irritation on mind and there’s a smile from a lil kid, which is very apt for Newton’s III law!

Receiving a surprise gift from miles away on a birthday!

Help receiving out of no where, which is filled with none but gratitude!

A Crush!

A much tensed atmosphere, which bursts out like a balloon and no tension whatsoever!

A task / presentation turned to a success “a feather in the cap”!

Sunset / Sunrise / Full Moon / Silvery waves, in short Nature!

Life is all about moments!   An example of Pareto Analyses 80% of our depression is caused by 20% of our problems 😉 😛

Life is all about ignoring the “not so good” adopting the “feel good factors” and moving on!

Moments.. good or bad.. some are lessons..  some are memories!