23 12 2011

A help which turns out to be a fiasco!

Disapproval from the loved ones who is always taken for granted!

Mistrust / Misunderstanding!

A bad dream!

Bad news of self or others!

Failure at it’s best!


A long drive / ride with Friends!

A gift to the loved ones and the shocking surprise on their face with a very happy smile!

Cards game with Mom and Dad!

A difficult problem, which is finally resolved!

A long awaited response from an adorable friend!

Crying out aloud and letting out the emotions for once and feeling better!!


In the middle of traffic, irritation on mind and there’s a smile from a lil kid, which is very apt for Newton’s III law!

Receiving a surprise gift from miles away on a birthday!

Help receiving out of no where, which is filled with none but gratitude!

A Crush!

A much tensed atmosphere, which bursts out like a balloon and no tension whatsoever!

A task / presentation turned to a success “a feather in the cap”!

Sunset / Sunrise / Full Moon / Silvery waves, in short Nature!

Life is all about moments!   An example of Pareto Analyses 80% of our depression is caused by 20% of our problems 😉 😛

Life is all about ignoring the “not so good” adopting the “feel good factors” and moving on!

Moments.. good or bad.. some are lessons..  some are memories!



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23 12 2011

some are harsh some are rash…
some light some heavy…
but the best are very funny!!
life is like that…
with full insight!!
brigth light fine sight!!
merry x’mas and a fine wise starry night!!
enjoy the guidin light of rythmn divine
get well soon!!! with mother mary and a pa ra rum pum pum……
and the reindeer riding!!!

24 12 2011

Very true! Awesomely said Anu 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too dear

24 12 2011

Ahemm ahemm … crush 😛 😛

25 12 2011

hahha.. blush 😛

3 01 2012

moments moments some good some bad
some pareto some so so
some funny some runny…………
life is to move on…….
till the end of journey!!

have a great day!:-)

3 01 2012


19 02 2012
Vishnu Gopa Kumar


19 02 2012


8 03 2012

moments are ment to be lived!

1 05 2012


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