Life! Are you the Cause or the Affect?

27 01 2012

“How is life?” Often I find this question very complicated!

The generic answer I give is “Bindas”!  Well, originally it carries a meaning, which gives, “I care a damn” attitude.  However, it’s a generic way of saying “cool”.

Sometimes I get into this so called feeling which pulls out all my energy and gives me a feeling that I am hopeless!  Once again after many years I am drowning into it.  I see no way up.  I am just going down and down and for now I feel like let me go down more and more and let it be end for once and for all.

Nothingness!   Despair!  Hopelessness! 

Tricky part is when you know everything!

When you know how to motivate yourself but still don’t feel like doing it.  When you know that the discussion you are having is leading to the wrong conclusion but still you can’t help but continue.  When you know that confessing something would do no good but still tend to do it.  When you know that killing the ego would solve many problems but still hold on to it.

That feeling when you realize that there is a long road to walk through not having any destination.

O Life!

You give me happiness which last for seconds and grant me sadness for days and weeks!  You give me moments for a day or two and leave me with memories for life long to dwell.

Why are you so difficult to understand?  Why are you so full of knowledge that I have to learn from you each and every second?

What makes you feel happy and what makes you feel sad? I dare ask you this question because you are my action and I am your reaction!

Tell me what should I do? I kneel before you and ask you this day, why do you keep throwing these emotions at me and make me feel numb!

For the first time ever! I really want to leave you but I know I don’t have that choice! I need answers!!  Often people say that I am the Cause and you are the Affect.  What are you?

Twenty Eleven

5 01 2012

Every year has always been special to me, for it has all the 365 days filled with memories and learning!  Coming to this particular year, this has just not been special but precious too! 🙂

Going back to the Month of Jan ’11 the very beginning was a tension reliever for the previous year at professional front.  Journey started off so quickly that there was no time whatsoever to sit, relax, assess and think!


This year “He” called us early to visit “His” place!  Every year I usually plan Siridi trip in the Month of September; this year it started off “unplanned” (Ok, for me unplanned is planning just before a Month 😛 ) In the Month of May we have been to Siridi and within a Month we were off to Varanasi and Kolkata!  November’s trip was always to Tirupaty; this year I have been to Hyderabad and Mumbai before I reached the ultimate destination! 🙂


I love eggs! Whatever might be the dish I just love them!  Someone told me that we have to leave one dish which we love the most in Varanasi!  There was a long debate within me whether to quit eating egg or paneer as I love both equally!  Finally I gave up on eggs. 😦 Well, when one of my friends came to know about this his immediate reaction was, Latha I think you should throw your mobile out there in Ganga as I don’t see you love anything else more than Mobile!  Hahha.. Luckily that leaving thing applied only to eatables lol :D.


This year my favorite movie was released and it’s over finally! 😦 Yup I am talking about Harry Potter!  It’s hard to believe that all the sequels came to an end.  Yet it’s the fact.  Well, I always like those films whether or not it is close to book.  The only reason is it cannot be close to book!  J.K. has filled the information in the books so much that if the Director really has to show everything in the movies, it would not take 8 but surely 18 movies to complete the same!  Would love to watch cartoon as per book though! 🙂  Out of all the movies I have watched (watched not released) in this year two movies topped the list and one left a memory!  “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” and “Pyar ka Punchnama” were awesome 😀 The movie “Journey” was nice but only with memories!  Did I say that I have seen that hero of the movie “Saravanan” the very next day as he came to CMR Central 😀


Well, couldn’t have been better!  It was a roll-a-coaster ride! To conclude, the journey had everything. Tension, excitement, fear and finally that sigh of relief! 😀 😀

Hobby & Interest!

I am out of this age old habit of forwarding messages to friends!  Thanks to TRAI regulations.  I do miss forwarding them.  However, I think this is it 🙂  Social Network browsing also has come down “a bit”.  Listening to music, ride on bike and MP3 while I ride are still intact and it’s not easy to let go off those “interesting hobbies” 😉  And I am still not able to change the tracks of “Rockstar” yet in my MP3!


Yep loads!! I can surely say I have changed a lot this year! Have been rude, strong and adamant too at times when situations demanded!  Have been hurt of course with some expectations, disappointments and not so good surprises!


This year is filled with so many memories and precious moments that it’s worth a life time!

  • My dream to travel alone and stay alone in a city was finally fulfilled, I have been to Mumbai stayed there for 3 long days and was back to Tirupaty.  😀 😀
  • Met my Hogwarts family!  I don’t know if I could have made the Varanasi trip any better and easy for both myself and parents without Shadab and Anirban.  Needless to say it was awesome meeting and spending time with them.  But those 3 days were simply superb 🙂 Kolkata wouldn’t have been a nice trip at all if it was not for meeting my Joyita beti 🙂  Then the precious 3 days i.e., Mumbai journey with my lil brother Venkat and a short lil meet with Sampath at Hyderabad, meeting all my lovely brothers and sisters Ketki, Harsh, Gareema, Rinish and Dinesh was truly memorable!  All in all though it was just three destinations, we all belonged to different States which were UP, AP, Kerala, Tamilnadu West Bengal, Bihar and Maharashtra. 😀 Year 2012 I am planning to cover Delhi and Amritsar!  Let’s see what’s in store 🙂
  • Thanks to my job!  Financial aspect was a lil better.  As such there were no memories, but all in all the year was pleasant with less and/or no tensions 🙂
  • Thanks to my bestie, I was able to deliver a softskills and personality development session to the Naval Dockyard Employees who were from Delhi and had not less than 23 years of service, which was a feather in the cap for my trainer’s skills! The feedback that I’ve received was.. well, a broad smile on my face! 🙂
  • And lastly there was one precious feeling that I’ve realized towards the end of the year! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

If I continue to write I hope the space on blog wouldn’t be enough 😀

Before I wrap up and say goodbyes and well wishes, would like to share an incident, which happened on 31st of December!  Logged off from my shift, and started my bike, due to rains or what I don’t know but the horn continued to blow as soon as I turned on the key.  One gentleman came to help me out of this situation.  He was trying to cut the wire of the horn switch so that the noise would stop.  In the process he even got a slight cut on his hand.  Finally he was able to cut the wire.   The horn stopped.  But then what we realized was, the horn switch actually is on the left side of the bike and we both seriously cut the wire on the right side, which was for the ignition key!  😀 😀 😀 the horn didn’t stop when the wire was cut, it stopped because accidentally my thumb pulled the horn key out which was stuck!

Well, I got my bike repaired that’s a different matter.  What I wanted to say here is.. life is all about lots of laughs and beautiful moments, be it small or big!! Treasure it, Enjoy it and Move on!!!

Happy 2012 my friends!!! 🙂