Life! Are you the Cause or the Affect?

27 01 2012

“How is life?” Often I find this question very complicated!

The generic answer I give is “Bindas”!  Well, originally it carries a meaning, which gives, “I care a damn” attitude.  However, it’s a generic way of saying “cool”.

Sometimes I get into this so called feeling which pulls out all my energy and gives me a feeling that I am hopeless!  Once again after many years I am drowning into it.  I see no way up.  I am just going down and down and for now I feel like let me go down more and more and let it be end for once and for all.

Nothingness!   Despair!  Hopelessness! 

Tricky part is when you know everything!

When you know how to motivate yourself but still don’t feel like doing it.  When you know that the discussion you are having is leading to the wrong conclusion but still you can’t help but continue.  When you know that confessing something would do no good but still tend to do it.  When you know that killing the ego would solve many problems but still hold on to it.

That feeling when you realize that there is a long road to walk through not having any destination.

O Life!

You give me happiness which last for seconds and grant me sadness for days and weeks!  You give me moments for a day or two and leave me with memories for life long to dwell.

Why are you so difficult to understand?  Why are you so full of knowledge that I have to learn from you each and every second?

What makes you feel happy and what makes you feel sad? I dare ask you this question because you are my action and I am your reaction!

Tell me what should I do? I kneel before you and ask you this day, why do you keep throwing these emotions at me and make me feel numb!

For the first time ever! I really want to leave you but I know I don’t have that choice! I need answers!!  Often people say that I am the Cause and you are the Affect.  What are you?