Self Appreciation Matters!

12 02 2012

“Change” a very interesting thing that keeps on happening in life!  No matter whatever we ignore; change and hope are two things that can never be left behind. 

However, there is a small catch in this.  If one is very fast in adapting the change it’s tough to digest the fact and hence random comments will be passed.  And if one does not accept the change that person is termed as “old fashioned”.  For instance I have this guy in my team who follows trend up to date.  His way of dressing amuses many people on the floor. It’s not that he dresses awkward but it’s just too early to dress up like that in the city of Vizag.  Attitude really matters!  This guy for sure know the thinking of that “many people” but he simply does what he loves.

Anyways, the thought behind to write this topic was; yesterday I was conducting this Personality Development sessions and there came a topic about how important it is to “show case” ones self.  Our parents always taught us how to be humble, obedient, show respect so on and so forth.  However, “most of” our parents have forgotten to teach us that it is equally important to show case the talents which we possess and it is not at all a negative point to exhibit them.

They have taught us how to appreciate others; however, forgotten to explain how important it is to appreciate one self.  They have always taught us how to compliment others when someone does the right thing but forgot to let us know how important it is to compliment ones self for the right thing we do.

Yesterday, when I was conducting this session I have asked a question to the class i.e., what was one factor that they like in themselves; out of 15 employees who have attended the session only 3 of them were able to answer immediately.  The rest of them took a real hard time to realize what the factor they appreciate in themselves was and some gave up saying they don’t have any!!  All of them had a minimum of 26 to a maximum of 36 years of work experience in their present field and except for a couple of them all belong to the Capital city of India.

Adapt the change; understand that there is nothing wrong to love ourselves.  In fact it is the most important factor in life!  Appreciate.  Motivate.  Give importance.  Exhibit!  Everything has to start from within.

Today I write this because it’s been ages that I am habituated to be humble.  I have been habituated so much that if someone compliment’s me I feel embarrassed rather than being proud.  Thanks to the present organization, I have learn’t that “exhibiting selling your hard work” is a very important factor to climb up the ladder.  No matter how much the management knows how good my tasks are driven through, nothing matters if I am not able to explain the same in an interview!

Today I write this because if I compare how many times I was proud of myself and how many times I regretted for not doing the task or not taking the right decision properly.  The amount of criticism that I have given to myself was much more than appreciation.

I realized this importance 3 years ago and I am still struggling to achieve my goal.  So friends if you are already there I appreciate for realizing and adapting the change.  If you are like me, I hope we achieve what we have aimed soon.  And if you are still not there, it’s high time that you realize the importance of yourself!!

Wish me Good Luck and Good Luck to you too!!