Protected: Regrets

19 02 2012

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19 02 2012

To keep motivating day in and day out there are so many ways!  Yoga, Meditation, Gym, Music, Spiritual activities, Long drives and the list goes on and on.  However, the important ingredient is the “start”.  And it has to be within.  Since 4 weeks or so I have been suffering from depression!  Yes, there is a reason. There would be a reason for everyone to go into that state.  And the reason need not be a blunder and/or regret.  It could be as simple as spilling the coffee on the dress or as big as losing a most valuable person in life.  But the so called depression, it’s like a drug. 

Negative thoughts through and through, best critic you’ve ever seen or known in the world! The one feeling that actually makes us believe that “I am seriously a waste piece on this Planet Earth”!  It’s as serious as I see myself in the mirror and I hate to see the mirror again i.e., I hate myself so much. It’s a pain you can never explain! In spite of so much of negativity, we still give space to those thoughts.

Friends, Family, Hobbies everyone are available to help and get us out from this situation.  But we deny everyone’s help.  It’s not that we don’t want to take their help.  It’s the gush of so many thoughts which are shouting that these are the facts of you.  This is your life.  Eventually, we believe those thoughts so much that we actually don’t realize that we are into depression already.

Does that mean we don’t smile, stay lost and / or lose concentration? No, not really.  As long as we are in the crowd, the life goes on.  Laugh, Smile, crack a joke, complete the tasks, carry on with the daily life.  Only that the life is missing in those tasks.  It’s like as if we have already grown 10 years older in 10 days.  Nothing whatsoever will make us feel better. 

The funny part is, it all starts with a reason and the reason itself gets lost.  The thoughts would be so horrifying that the reason now is you. 

Well, as I already stated in the beginning to get out of this situation the start should be from within.  I am trying, I haven’t succeeded yet.  I am still struggling.  One day I feel that I am recovering.  I can push away all the negativity in me.  And the next day the thought process comes back to square one.  This time I am firm not to be a prey.