28 02 2012

Yesterday, I have done something, which I hated the most!  Guess what?  I actually felt better 🙂 I always wondered how people wander in the malls and spend time to choose that one particular thing / item.  However, when I was trying yesterday it made me feel nice.  Though a little disappointment was there that I couldn’t get what I actually started off for, yet I was happy to find something that I wanted for so long and could get them for once!

I was on the verge of buying anything and everything that fit me 😀 but logic came to my senses and my wallet put a halt to my interests 😉

 Shopping isn’t bad at all, if only, one has dollars to pay and you get at least half of what you have targeted for! 😉 😛

I mean, I am not saying I haven’t done shopping at all.  It’s just that I have never done shopping for myself! It was always for gifts.

I always wondered why most of the people “love” things and “like” people.  Now if I think about it, I don’t see any wrong in that.  Of course, people are to be loved but nonetheless things can also be loved.  I love my MP3, my Bike, spectacles, hair band, ear rings, mobile (now a days least interest), my computer and an endless list.  If I look at it, these are the necessities in my life. 

What would I do if at times I feel low and can’t be at home or have a company?  Isn’t my bike the best bud to have? And like icing on the cake if my MP3 wouldn’t support to drift my thoughts, wouldn’t I feel much low?

I know; to have those “precious” things, money is important, but, tell me even if you have money can you get people? Can you get their utmost dedication and priority towards you? But it’s not the same with things.  You purchase an item and it is yours forever!  It serves you until it lives!  If at all it’s down, you get it repaired and it is again up with renowned energy!

A bow to all the lovable things I have till date! Thanks for making my life much easier, happier and safer! 🙂