Life at a Fast Track!

1 05 2012

It’s been just two months I am out of the blogging world; however, I feel like, I am out since ages! May be that is because these days I am very less into social networking sites, my mails and gtalk as well for various reasons.  Hope you all are doing great! 🙂

Planning and Implementing are very different things.  I always plan, but when it comes to implementation one could quote me as an example for the failure. 😛 😛

I have planned to make couple of trips, join the gym, update my credentials on my cv, purchase an inverter, celebrate my mom n dad’s marriage anniversary in a special way etc., etc.  Well, except for the “couple of trips” everything else remained the same.  No gym, my credentials lay the same, no inverter till date 😦 and well, my Mom and Dad’s marriage anniversary was just another day!

Amidst all these, life is really at a fast track! The first trip of the year worked out well I should say.  I always meet my online friends who are very close to me; therefore, I wanted to meet my dear sister Neha Singh.  So we planned to meet in Siridi along with our families!  Well, though I know perfectly well, that Neha would be equally eager to meet me, I was unsure about how our families would take it (as in blending in together).  Amazingly everything was so perfect!  The two days were just lovely!  Had a nice time with them and had to bid goodbyes and making some promises “we will meet soon again”.  😀

Well, my second trip plan is already on the chart, I have completed the task until booking tickets and getting the info on where to stay whom to contact etc., however, since the trip is planned in July, I would rather wait and watch until I board the train, instead of saying I have implemented. 😀

Financially I was very rich on the 25th of March 😀 😀 😀 I have planned so many things, listed out several items that would fit my home and make my parents life easy! Well, yet again that was 25th right?  Who’s not rich on a Salary day and that too if you have a bonus falling into your account.  Just a five days after that and I realized that the priorities were a lil different and now I am not saying I have gave up; but I need to wait until I finish my priorities, look for the savings and then plan something that is affordable.

Loneliness had never been such bliss in my life!  While the 1st stage of it made me Philosopher; 2nd stage had thrown me to depression; the 3rd stage which I am experiencing right now has actually brought a smile on my face 🙂 I do not know if there are further more stages or I keep shuffling between these stages but I wish I stay here right there.

There were some “interesting things” happening at work place!  All these days we knew that it would be happening some day.  Finally we witnessed it happening.  No suspense out there I am talking about the company working on re structuring and hence showing an “exit door” to the “selected employees”.

Loss of job always scares me to the core! What would I do? How would I survive? How would I clear my loans?  So on and so forth.   I don’t think I can do anything much about those scary thoughts.  To avoid that, the only thing I can do is prepare myself.  And I am honestly trying my best!

It’s easy to say “whatever happens; happens for good”, but to survive that time is not so easy.  Everyone who lost their job always knew that they would be into one company some day.  But until that “some day” and “some company” finally appear, it would be a daily fight within.  Whatever happens; “Hope” is the key word!

With this I take a leave and heading on to another day!  Hope you all have a lovely day too my lovely friends 🙂 take care and always keep smiling!!



8 responses

1 05 2012

still ur not sure with ur job??????? cant digest that…its beeen so long 😦 Anyway Pray and then Hope …

2 05 2012

🙂 Aniyan.. it’s not about me being sure.. it’s about the happenings 😉

1 05 2012

Perfectly put in writing…………Very Rightly said!! Hope is the key to handle tough situations in life, though life is quite rightly put in perspective in being the social being of philosphy – keep smiling and life life to the fullest!!:-)

2 05 2012

Thanks Anu.. and wish you the same lady! 🙂

2 05 2012
bujho toa jaane!

I imagined almost while reading thru and it went on like a movie!! phew…. finally got to see ur blog today after 5 yrs!! lol.. Hope is what helped… he he he he. where is the next one??

2 05 2012

🙂 better late than never.. so.. bujho toa jaane! has a name?? 😛

2 05 2012
fairy mahal

Its not just job for which we have to struggle, i think when once we come out of our parents protection (childhood) we have to struggle for everything , for job, for our dreams, for our rights. For our happiness, nothing comes without struggling, nothing in world is easy for common people. There is just hope, and fight should continue to survive and get what you dream.

8 08 2012

“nothing comes out without struggling” very true! and the outcome after the struggle is too precious. 🙂

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