6 08 2012

Two Dimensions

If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it the one day when we are separated? And, if being separated is a part of life (and you all know about separation well) is it possible that we can love someone and not be afraid of ever losing them? At the same time, I was also wondering. Is it possible that, we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?


And sometimes I think, because we have so much love for one another (be it any relation). Even though, sometimes, it seems to be too much that we hurt ourselves.  But I believe when the time goes by we would all agree that there is no such thing as “Too much love”.  Even if it led us into making some mistakes, it’s better than never having tried to find love at all.  Isn’t that right?  Life always gives us opportunities to start over, after we learn from our mistakes.

 As long as you love, you still have hope.