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16 10 2013

I guess this “starting problem” would be with me forever.  When I was in school, whenever Teacher asks me a question, I had to wait until someone gives me a hint, and then I would start off.  Would it continue until the answer is over?  Yes, unless there is a second paragraph in that answer! LOL.  I had to wait so many days to just start off some random post on my blog again. Hahhaa.. Was thinking whether or not to renew this blog or just delete it, but then I would regret if I just delete this.  So I better leave as it is.  Even if it contains extreme trash. 😉

Wah.. Looking back at July 2012, life has indeed changed a lot!! It’s been more than a year that I had so many thoughts clogged, had the urge of writing and somehow left it mid way.

Though I am not sorry for not being in touch with many of my close friends out there, I am not happy either to lose them just like that.  However, I believe this is how I am, because I don’t remember having a childhood friend or a college mate who has been with me since ages. 🙂

I have been thinking a lot and those thoughts are not limited to a specific topic.  They are endless.  Sometimes I encounter a debate without any solution.  And sometimes I end up with an amazing conclusion that makes me wonder “why didn’t I think about this before”.  Oh! There were other thoughts too specially when I think about ethics, right, wrong etc., that would scare me.  Because I reached to an extent of thinking if there is really God within us.

I got into a crazy habit of watching Asian Dramas and movies (especially Korean).   Although I am not sure until when this hobby lasts, right now I am enjoying this to the fullest.  🙂

Since I have started writing now, I would give a pause for now and see if I can continue with another post soon.  😀



4 responses

16 10 2013

Yedho chepdhaam anukunnav, yedho cheppaav, nenu yedho chadhivaanu, yedho ardhamayyindhi, andhukey yedho comment pedathunna.. yedho rasaav gaani bhaley rasaav latha.. nuvvu Keka assalu.. write more..


17 10 2013

neeku ilanti comment edho rayalani anipinchindhi chudu Nuvu keka asalu 😛

16 10 2013

I guess, the above “yedho” comment comes from our very own M.K. Gandhi…. I love your post as much as I love you but I dont like the over thinking part of yours. Chuck that or parcel a part of thinking, I can think for you coz I dont have any thought of my own. 😉
loads and loads of love…
ME 🙂
hey, you might plan to leave me also but I will not 😛 😛

17 10 2013

When did I plan to leave my other friends? :O I did not.. 😦 It’s just that I couldn’t maintain the communication. However, if I am still hanging on to some “Precious Friends” even after years.. it’s because “they” are so lovely that they keep in touch and forgive me regardless of my response. Love them shooooo much.. 😀 😀

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