3 05 2014

When the gentle wind blows

When the little bird chirps

When the pleasant music plays

When the soft bed looks beautiful on a tiresome day

When the evening fills with warm sunlight on a winter day

When the hot cup of liquid waits for me on a rainy evening

When the day is too much to sink in

When the feelings win over logic

When that favorite friend of mine is missing

When I go on my bike after ten long days of tiresome trip

When I cry, when laugh or when I simply stare at nothing with thoughts drifting over and over

There is always that loneliness behind my thoughts buried somewhere deep

What is my life about? Why am I like this? Am I good or bad? Do people love me or hate me? Is my life being of worth at all? If not now, please answer these questions for me.. When I am still in my senses. Please don’t get away with the word Karma. And please let me love you no matter how negative I see the world as!




Always in dreams

Always in fantasy

Wonder what or who I was and what or who I seek

Always in hopes

Always positive

Wonder what am I expecting and for whom

Always in despair

Always hopeless

Wonder what did I fail to receive and from whom

Always hateful

Always deceived

Wonder who I believed and what did I lose

Always angry

Always frustrated

Wonder from whom I was seeking attention and what for

Always smiling

Always laughing

Wonder who are in my thoughts and what did they do

Always thankful

Always grateful

No wonder, it’s just YOU who can walk with me and guide me.




Every person will cross you

Unless they are done with their journey

Every person adores you

While you are still hanging around with them

Every person is jealous of you when you let go of them holding another person

While you are gone for good

Some are happy thinking about you

And some are sad that you already left

And there are others who regret for not doing things that should have been done..

Oh dear age you are precious! For you live only for a while, but the rest of the life depends on how you have been treated đŸ™‚