How is life?

9 03 2015

Because of health reasons I had to quit my job and rest for a while. During this so called phase of rest I have been through numerous phases of life in a very short time! 

Since childhood I’ve never had too many friends. It was always couple of them and honestly it never lasted long just like phases of life. I am so used to this life that even if I were to be thrown in a group I could never talk to a single person, in fact I would be silently slipping out of that group without even anyone noticing. 

And I’ve noticed that it is just the opposite when it comes to online / virtual friends. I found some really precious people out here and I could treasure them for my life time!  I don’t really know why that I could trust someone whom I’m not even aware if their name is real and on the other hand I would not give at least 1% of trust with whom I meet in person unless I am really habituated. 

Should I be really worried about it? I am not sure, but so far so good that’s how life is. 

My childhood is not that great where many say that they want to go back to being a kid. Maybe because I wasn’t a bright student, maybe because I hardly know my existence or simply because I always preferred to run away from it. Very recently thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp many of my school friends got in touch. At first I couldn’t join much in the conversation, but then I tried with all my efforts being ‘normal’, somehow I found myself extremely out of the place. 

The other thing I have realized with a very tight slap on my face. Money plays a really precious and priority role for many people, and your loved ones or your family is not an exception! So when you spend for them make sure you remember for what you spent just for the heck of it! Tomorrow if you’re questioned did you even spend a rupee on us..  Mind you that hurts big time even if those words are just out of anger (even if one is angry no words come out unless they aren’t in your heart right? )  because when you spend for your dear ones you don’t really care how much you spend, you just do if it’s within your budget. Well, even if you remember it’s not like you would list out all, just saying. Lol

When I look back at my life I realize that I don’t want to live any moment twice because whatever I have lived I have lived to the fullest! Be it happiness, be it sadness, be it embarrassment or simply just another day. 

The so called circle is so funny that you find yourself placing someone at utmost importance while they hardly care about you. Similarly, there is someone out there who is giving you importance but all the same you are not ready to return that importance though you are at pain for the very same reason. 

I still have one more month to take care of certain things. And after that I believe it’s never too late to start something new! 

Not that I am sitting idle and thinking about all these..  Just a small amount of time in my everyday life these days, watching my favorite Korean dramas, playing couple of favorite games and reading my favorite books. 

Syonara until my next post. 



2 responses

22 06 2015

this left an impact on me. opposite of you, I’m always surrounded with people. meeting new friends, travelling to new places. but there are moments in my life that i want the quiet. a time where i can collect my thoughts and be without anyone’s company.

like you, i also had to quit work because of health. and lately, i found myself in comfort of online friends. maybe it’s easier to chat with them, than being in a conversation face to face. people tend to judge. that’s really true. the comfort of behind the computer and chatting is a plus nowadays.

the downside of that kind of friendship is, when they decided to leave, that’s it. (which sucks tbh)

and yes.. money this and that these days. :/

22 06 2015

Thanks Rai for your views 🙂 yes downside of it really is bad.. Wishing you good health always

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