The Dream

3 04 2015

I was lying on the bed and lost in thoughts not thinking about anything in particular. I saw this light blue colour bird, hovering in air fluttering it’s shining wings 2-3 feet above me and looking at me straight in my eyes. It’s just the size of a fist of a month’s old baby!

I opened my arms wide as if welcoming/hugging it and it actually came down to me and sat beside my right ear. However, I did not move nor made the attempt to bring my arms down. I can feel it’s warm body and the heartbeat as well. My door was knocked and the little birdie made a move across my forehead as if it’s walking on the ground, ready to takeoff.

I caught hold of the bird very gently. It was horrified. I wanted to set it free. I didn’t want to catch it at all. I just want to kiss it and then…………… I was awake as my phone rang! It took me a while to realize it’s a dream. It took me a while to realize if it’s a Dawn or Dusk.

I still feel uneasiness. I hated myself for the couple of seconds I caught that bird. It’s like all my inner voice was shouting at me YOU BROKE THE TRUST, IT TRUSTED YOU AND CAME TO YOU! It was beautiful and it was scary. I generally never have dreams. Even if I dream it’s impossible that I remember it like a story. I don’t want this to be forgotten. I hope the uneasiness in my heart vanishes. I wish that dream was completed. I don’t know why I caught that bird, was I greedy or was I just admiring? Would I set that bird free? It was indeed uneasy catching that bird against my will. I can still remember that look of that bird!