Just a bit of this and that

22 06 2015

I always preferred short hair; however, never had a boy cut as such. That day when I asked the guy in the saloon to make it a boy cut he asked me twice are you sure? This doesn’t suit you ma’m. Do you still want me to go ahead? Please do was the only answer I had.

That day was such a frustrating day, I never planned for it. I just did it. Never thought that would be a really big help for something which was extremely important! Since a month before that, I was really struggling internally on how to interact with a certain someone who I am meeting after almost ten years. My concerns that I voice out are only 10% of what I actually think. My close friends know this very well. This meeting that I was concerned had me left in endless thoughts. So much that the thoughts kept pouring even when I was asleep.

And when that day finally arrived, my appearance made them laugh so hard. I have been asked if I was wearing a wig hahhaa. I was happy! I am happy! Sometimes, when things or situations that concern us the most especially about the outcome or result are solved in the most unexpected and humorous way, I can’t help but be thankful. I mean, what more could I ask for? 🙂

Human life is such that (unless one is a saint) there is always a need. One need gets fulfilled, one doesn’t even get to enjoy the luxury of the fulfillment and the other one is already in queue grabbing your attention! It’s like “you having fun there? How about taking a look at this?” lol.

We have been to Siridi last week, which was totally unplanned. In spite of the last minute booking the trip over all was not really bad. Boy! Would I travel in a Sleeper bus ever again? I believe not! I just can’t bring myself to board that bus even in dire situations lol. Well, this bus journey also carried certain memories that might be with haunt me for very long and I am pretty sure my Mom will never forget them anytime soon, because one of those were I fell flat on my face in the bus except that there was some poor guy who was sleeping in the way (may be the alternate driver, or the cleaner I do not know) and I fell on him. Was he injured? I never bothered to ask! He was alive though. 😛 😛

Things are moving at a really slow pace at the moment in my life! Therefore, there’s nothing much to write my views / thoughts. However, I thought let me just use the space here, after all I am paying certain amount to renew this domain hahhaa. That said, it’s not like I am bored or anything but I hope and I really really do hope that things from here on take a positive path. No, not necessarily happy all the time but positive for sure! With this I will leave and return again someday. I wish all my near and dear ones also a happy and positive life 🙂



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