Abc to Sociology

I still remember crying everyday for two years when I was in “Kiddies Corner”.  Whenever, my mom comes to find about my “status” in studies (she used to come in the lunch time), I used to come back with her lol.  No one understood why I was crying everyday, everyone thought that I was homesick.  But that’s not the truth.

The truth is, we used to go in a rickshaw and all of them (including my brother) used to get down at St. Aloysious and Fort Catholic schools, it was only I who was still in the rickshaw, and I didn’t want to go.  I wanted to go with them instead.

After 2 years when I got admission in FCGS (Fort Catholic Girls School) I have stopped crying completely, for I was with the rest of the group!! 😀

Schooling :O ohh.. what a fiasco!!

I was never bookish in my whole life!  I always wondered why people Study?? God why can’t you spare me!!  Since Pre KG to X Std., I never had a report card which was all “blue”!! Now common at least two colors would do won’t it? One with pass mark and ten with fail!! But look at this how would it be if there’s a third color?? Couldn’t get it?? Naturally, if one individual is failing in all the subjects continuously then there should be something that must be known to the parents is it not? and then comes the third color in “green”.  My headmistress used to write on the report card a note to my parents to come and meet!! See how colorful?? 😉

Graduation and Post Graduation

After my Intermediate I realized that Economics is not my cup of tea and opted for complete Arts (History, Sociology and Politics).  Graduation was not much fun as I joined in a Correspondence course instead of a Regular course.  Because I got more marks in Sociology I tried for the AUCET exam and got a free seat in MA Sociology in the AU Campus.  Campus life is always fun.  Though we had the toughest VC, AU had ever seen till date, we managed to enjoy our PG days.  We were a gang of 10, 5 guys and 5 gals, from Zoology, Stastics, MBA, MA and IRPM.  It was in our year AU got accredited with the 5 star plus from NAC Committee.

I got only 54% in my PG and therefore was not eligible to write the NET exam to continue my studies in Ph.D.

After 5 years of break, now I have joined in another Post Graduate Correspondence Course i.e., M.H.R.M (Master of Human Resources and Management) let’s see how my journey goes, currently I am the first year again 🙂

20 responses

2 10 2009

hmm lathu i smhow can c a small chubby girl crying………

2 10 2009

hahahaha.. u can imagine.. 😀

2 10 2009

Hey U r really my sis. I was like u. I ran from my school when I was in Junior KG
I will cry with you

1 02 2010

me too.. that was in 6th 😛

1 02 2010

@ “I was never bookish in my whole life! I always wondered why people Study?? God why can’t you spare me”

LOLS i too wondered the same

1 02 2010

wow.. Great ppl are adding to my list lol

1 02 2010

padhoge likhoge nahi to achchi naukri nahi milegi … paisa nahi aayega…. samaaj izzat nahi karega … samjhi ..

1 02 2010

Samajh gayi Bhai sa.. 😀

1 02 2010

even my schooling is like you 1 blue and rest of all is red lol

3 02 2010

welcome to my world 😉

3 02 2010

hahahahah…. nice. i am detained in 5th class for too much allari.

3 02 2010

hahhaha.. that’s great then 😛

25 04 2010

Thank God….He didnt give u brain

25 04 2010

yep.. some one said Ignorance is bliss 😉

27 04 2010

need not to introduce me as i am the one for whom even the princy prays to god (GOD PLZ PASS HIM IN D XAM OTHERWISE MY SCHOOL WLL BE RUINED) 😀

28 04 2010

😀 looks like we did not let the princy’s stay happy.

7 05 2010

awesome lol funny well sri was right we can make a nice cute film on u 😛 lets tell annesh haha 😀
nd love the way u told abt the colours on ur report card hahaha 😀

8 05 2010

Annesh.. bengali film banjayega lol 😀 hahahaha..

28 02 2012

nice emotional content ……….good reading for budding optimist….to pursue studies and go on………in life……….with a twinkles in their eyes!!!
All the best to you!!

29 02 2012

Thanks Anu.. 🙂 🙂

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