Broken Paths! Still Leads Destiny!!

My parents were outraged when I told them that I wanted to marry a married person.  He was called to my home and was questioned.  Post his explanation I was forced to quit my job and sit at home.  I haven’t forgotten much of anything in my life and so was that one five years.

God, how much I hated that person for having the guts to propose to me even after being a married person.  I hated men.  And this did nothing to increase that feeling.  But, I never thought nor even had a hunch that I would indeed fall for him down the line after six months.   I realized that he was true in whatever he said, after meeting her in person and spoke to her about everything what he filled me in with.

Well, time is not stagnant so I had to take a decision whether to ignore the life and move on with new things or do what I wanted to do.  I went for the second option and came out of my house.  Didi set things in place before she moved to her home town for her sister’s wedding.  Probably, everything would have been perfect if I would not have gained weight in that one year, but somethings happen for good.  Else how would I ever know the true problem of him?

My dad and brother decided not to talk with me anymore but it was my mom who was stubborn and didn’t let go.

Time moved on yet again 5 years passed by and few things that I never quit were my studies and job.  Though I was earning very less, i never thought of quitting job and continued my Post Graduation though the situations were not so satisfactory.

One fine day I received a call from him stating “I am not coming home anymore.”  I never cried, probably it was because I was expecting already!  But I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to go back to my home as I already made my decision 5 years ago.  Didi called up and told me not to worry and don’t take any hasty decisions, he would be alright soon.  But a decision was already made, not to stay with him any longer.  The decision that has to be taken was “how to live”.

Thank God (or should I thank him?) that he paid the 3 months rent advance.  I told the house owner that we are relocating and I would be vacating the house very soon!  With the little of my salary I paid the maintenance charges and electricity bill.  But I still had my PG fees to pay.  Again thanks to the middle class thinking the Chits really help I tell you.  I got the 15k rupees, which I was saving since almost a year.

I paid 10k to some leading training institute (name not given on purpose).  This held“call center training” and a job guarantee.  The course finished in a month and we were supposed to travel on 15th of December and I had to get my 3 months salary yet (my boss does not belong to the same city, so he pays when he visits vizag).  I was counting on my payment to pay my debts and taking tickets.

It was a week above my mom was worried why I was not going home regularly (I used to visit every other day)  I couldn’t tell her that I don’t have money to eat, nor to come home as I don’t have money to pay the auto-rickshaw or for that matter fill my kinetic with fuel.  Because they don’t know in the first place that he left me and I never wanted to confess that.

I got my payment finally and had my tickets ready and told my parents that we are relocating and might probably not come back soon; therefore, I am going to Bangalore before hand to find a job.  With all hopes and prayers I left to Bangalore.

Seven days complete job search was a fiasco for all 14 of us who went expecting job.  Couple of them was like me, wherein job was necessity and the remaining were just trying their luck and had other options.  The training center, which sent us had neither had any idea about the job trend nor had proper contacts with the placement services in Bangalore.

On the last day just before getting ready to face one last interview (America Online) I received call from my home to Yatri Nivas.  Despair and hopeless as I am, couldn’t stop my hopelessness over phone I believe.  My mom was not easy to believe me and this time my dad wasn’t either.  He just said if you want to come back no one is stopping you, we don’t know what you are going through but we surely know that you are not happy!  I wish you to come back home once you reach vizag.

As expected AOL did not work out so we were back in vizag.  Didn’t visit my home as there were too many questions in myself and I was not ready to go back and I couldn’t stay back in the same place because I had only one more month to vacate the house.

I met them and agreed to go back to home with one condition that they should never ever ask me to get married.  Both mom and dad agreed to it, and I came back to my home.  Before going I made one last call to him and informed that I was leaving, all he cared to ask was, would my parents question him.  I said NO.  My parents obviously would not question him, because till date they don’t know that he had left me.  They are under the impression that I have left him and I have no intention to tell them either.

It’s been almost 8 years now; life was not as easy as I have explained above during that time.  I have no regrets but I will not be able to forget any of that life long unless I receive a brain trauma 😀

16 responses

22 04 2010

Can i use your life story in my movie???

25 04 2010

u knw wat u r a fool

u spoiled ur own beautiful life

how could u trust a man who was ready to ditch his wife???

25 04 2010

It’s nice to be foolish.. call me on my mobile to know why I trusted 😉

PS: What happened to my life?? :O .. Am Happy and rocking dear 😀

25 04 2010

i understood what is love. A truly unconditioned and not a fool. lavanya you also try to give the same to your loved ones you will understand.

27 04 2010

well i think this is called truth of life.

its all in god’s hand, we can do anything, he is the editor of our life story.

lathu u rock yaar……………….. 🙂

28 04 2010

🙂 bottom line, there should be no regrets in life whatever it gives. We never know what’s in store 🙂

7 05 2010

whoah didn’t know this part of ur life at all ……….knew something was there when tht day i got a msg of ur’s which u accidently send it to me chal anyways life has taught u many things so tht’s it now as u r happy and enjoying tht’s all tht matters u got good friends in us and a wonderful family who took u back in ……..and yeah i agree no regrets in life wow latha di u rock …………:) happy to see u smile always ……..and now i got an answer to my question too 🙂 luv ya di

8 05 2010

Misrouted msg?? lol I still didn’t get rid of that habit.. 😀 Luv ya too 🙂

14 05 2010

i love you latha
proud to be ur friend

7 07 2010

So am I … 😉 … Long live Latha , the Don .. 😀

14 10 2010

Ohh how sweet.. Thank you Harshu >:D<

14 10 2010

same here Preets >:D<

22 11 2011

i have said this before and i say this again…im proud to have you as a friend..shadab had already gave a hint whats written and he told me to read myself and i didnt wanted to read it…nyways life is hard i admit…but i beleive there is god somewhere and thats more than a reason to smile…love u….:)

24 11 2011

🙂 🙂 🙂 indeed God is there!! Happy to have such friends like you and Shaddy too 🙂 🙂 🙂

19 02 2012
Vishnu Gopa Kumar

hmm..came 2 knew abt this very late tru preeti ..hope u rembr dat day i fgihtd with u..n ur xplanation was d most wierd one i ever came across..Iam a kid ,cant hold all those 😦

19 02 2012

😛 😛 😛 😉

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