I, Me and Myself :-)

Born in the city of Vizag and ever since lived there.  Did not had an opportunity or necessity to leave my home place.  So I am always close to my parents and city.

Everyone love their home town and so do I.  If you ask me what’s so special about Vizag probably I would answer the “peaceful life”.  Some people refer the same as “lazy life” too.

In the 24 hours of a day, I work almost for 12 hours daily.  The remaining 12 hours plus one weekly off is what I call life!! Needless to say, My first and favorite time pass is sleeping.  Wow I love to sleep a sweet, dreamless and happy sleep.  When you work for 12 hours a day.  It is difficult to have a sound sleep without any disturbances, and when you work at night it is just near to impossible!

Apart from sleep everything is second best to me.  There’s no 3rd best. 🙂 Do you like music?  I love music!  I get to listen to music only when I drive.  Mom and Dad usually watch TV, so it’s a fat chance to wait for my turn (no optimism there lol).  So my ride always consists of my MP3 player.  My favorite song on and get set go, unless any friend is accompanying me.  If I am going doubles I would rather not put others life in danger 😉

No matter how many songs I listen, I end up listening to my favorite song again and again i.e., “When you say nothing at all” from Notting Hill.  I love Ronan Keating.  He’s the best.

With my favorite song and my best bike(I named it Firebolt) I go on a ride on the beach road of Visakhapatnam.  It’s awesome to ride all alone.  Whenever I am happy, I would take this road, whenever I am sad I take this road.  It just makes me feel better.  I love this ride especially when I logoff from the night shift.  It’s amazing to see the sun rise from the sea 🙂

I share all my things with my friends no matter how costly they are but I am obsessed with my “Firebolt”.  I don’t say no if someone asks me.  I would definitely give but trust me, I just can’t concentrate on any other thing until I get my “Firebolt” back to me! 🙂  My best buddy who’s there whenever I need some “space” and takes me anywhere without any questions.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S are always a part of my life.  Without friends it’s hard to lead a life is what I feel.  We can live alone; however, we need people when we are happy.  Whom do we share our happiness with?  I need friends.  I love them.  And they love me too 🙂  When I say friends they just don’t be there at the time of weekend or a party.  They are everywhere and anywhere whenever I need them.  And I do my best to be the same!

I am a crazy fan of Harry Potter.  If I have started reading books it’s because of Harry Potter.  No matter how many times I read, it’s just still so interesting and awesome.  I wonder when J.K. will publish another book.  I will not miss any movie of Harry Potter and I can’t watch just once and leave it.  I have the collection of all sequels and thanks to my friends who help me get the E books and movies.

Live life to the fullest!! That’s what I believe.  Yesterday’s moments are gone, tomorrow’s moments are yet to come.  Today, This Moment is the only precious moment I have.  So I enjoy.  And when I say it, I enjoy that precious moment regardless of the situation i.e.  No one can be as tensed as me, no one can be as crazy as me, no one can be as loving as me, and no one can be as short tempered as me, and no one can win the situation as easily as I can!  And to live like this there is one friend who takes me through and guides me all my way.  He is the reason for my luck, friends and love.  In short he’s the reason for my life and he is my Krishna. 🙂

This is I, Me and Myself as I know 🙂

PS:  I am not religious, I just love him being Krishna.  He attracts me the most.

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3 02 2010

You like dreamless sleep ??? … :O … are sapne nahi dekhoge to pure kaise honge…. lol 😛

You like Harry Potter ???? …. :O … awesome .. what a coincidence … I like him too … maybe I like voldemort more … and may be hermione even more … never mind .. 😛

enjoy with your firebolt … Jai shri Krishna … :mrgreen:

4 02 2010

Meko nahin dekhna koi sapna 😛 Ohh.. You too are an HP fan?? Interesting 😉 Thank you Thank you Jai Shri Krishna 🙂

3 02 2010

emito crazy fans… nannu LOVE cheyyakunda undaleru… nenu yentha mandhi love cheyyagalanu cheppu…

Nice intro athaa… nee firebolt ki yedho bolt theesesthaa ee sari vizag vachinappudu… and nee harry potter ki paralysis vachesthundhi ante J.K.Rowlings next book lo… paapam vaadu… 😛

keep it up.. write more..all the best 🙂

konti krishnudu..

4 02 2010

Not one more word abt Harry Potter :X

Thanks for you wishes .. 🙂

4 02 2010

hey sweet
its lovely

5 02 2010


13 03 2010

you know latha – krishna attracts me also to the most – he is my first love
You are a truly loving personality latha
I am happy to have you as my friend because you are what you are ,,,, and I love u the same way
Loads of hugs and kisses

7 04 2010

blush blush blush.. you see what you want to Preeti

7 04 2010

oi preeti n lathu aese mere khanna pe attract mat ho jao…….wo sirf mere khanna ha…beware my sweet sisters :p

7 04 2010


27 04 2010

donno what to say this crazy girl.

Actually lathu hats off to u yaar.
We all should learn from u that how to live life to its fullest.
and u r living the life that we all dream of.

well today i am not gonna miss saying this ” U R MY IDOL “

28 04 2010

Hey Shadab, thanks for those nice words 🙂

7 05 2010

awesome yaar loved this blog which u considered boring ………not at all and the way u express urself luv ya di ………and well wow u have a firebolt too lucky u 😛 me recently bought a nimbus 2001 😀

8 05 2010

Thanks so much Rini.. 🙂 give me a ride on your Nimbus 2001 and I will give one on my Firebolt.. what say?? 😉

30 12 2010

Great Intro…nice to read 🙂
Keep it up !! ^__^

30 12 2010

Thank you for reading 🙂

18 11 2011

hi…….i am very imprssed. Nannu nenu choosukuntunnattuga unnadi. Kaani nenu mee antha andamga naa ideas ni present cheyyalenu. any how its lovely to read about you.

22 11 2011

Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂 and welcome to my blog

22 11 2011

thank god i didnt took your firebolt for a ride…..;);)

24 11 2011

lol.. you should have tried ji 😉 😛

24 11 2011

d best nostalgic feeling ever had frm a long time while……………..:-)

24 11 2011

Hi Anu.. thanks 🙂 🙂

19 02 2012
Vishnu Gopa Kumar

I am Impressed…Sweetly written ..loved it 🙂

19 02 2012

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:D<

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