Sitting at the edge of the chair everyday I was in fear that someone would say, “you know what? It was by mistake we have hired you, it’s not possible for you to continue with your job.  You have to resign.”

God and parents are always with us, but there are some people in our life neither who are friends, relations nor someone whom you know very well.  They might not have done anything special for us, yet their presence itself brings huge difference in the life.

This post is dedicated to two special persons in my life.  Age doesn’t matter when we have to learn something from people.  My Mentor I have met in the present company brought a lot of change in my life.  I wasn’t the same if I see myself 4 years ago.  Failure as I was through and through in my life, never ever thought of being recognized as someone special!

He was the trainer and he was doing his job perfectly awesome.  He might never have understood what was it like appreciating me in front of 21 members including AVPO.  Slowly I started believing in myself and regained confidence.  He gave me total support and there I stood achieving the “top performer” in classroom training.  This is very minor for many people, but yet again I say, for me who never had seen a progress card with all pass marks (not once in my life) how precious it was to get that award!

He guided me all through, whenever I faced problems with any of the Managers.  Finally, when I was one among those people who were selected as Trainers among 90 people who applied, he was there yet again playing the lead trainer role and guiding the three of us!  He was tough in fact very tough sometimes with us, but we wouldn’t have achieved that appreciation if we weren’t coached in that manner.

He is not with the present company anymore, but all his guidance is still there.  I never ever forget his guidance.  Whenever, I am in deep trouble I always think what if he is in this position how he would guide me, I immediately get the answer and I move on.

The other person who I am talking about neither guided me, nor is my mentor.  But I haven’t seen a person carrying attitude like him!  What a sense of humor!! Whatever my mood was, once I come online and if I have a chat with this little hero, definitely my mood was much better.

I have learn t a lot from him, especially making things light when they are actually pretty serious.  Humor is important in life, but one needs to know how to implement humor given the circumstances.  This person exactly knows how to implement humor.  Everyone wants to be different but there are very few people, who actually implement and show it to the world.  He is one such person.  Needless to say that I indeed learn t the way he includes humor.  Trust me it just brings more smiles to life.

What can I say to these precious people except for the word below.  🙂

8 responses

25 04 2010

I guess I know the names of both of them ….. 😛 ….

anyways nice to see an article without any spelling or grammatical mistake … ( P.S. I didn’t read this post with my spects on … 😛 ) … :mrgreen:

28 04 2010

hhhaahaha and you are correct about both of them 😉 next time appreciate with spects on 😛

7 05 2010

Even I know both of them.[:)]

8 05 2010

I know why you know 😛

7 05 2010

seems like everyone knows abt both of them 😛 anyways be happy tht’s all we need u be 🙂 enjoy life

8 05 2010

Everyone knew bcoz u know me now for more than 2.5 years 😀

19 02 2012
Vishnu Gopa Kumar

I dunno 😦

19 02 2012

That’s Okay Aniyan 😀

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